Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chris Interviews Julien Wells

In this audio recording (65 min) Chris is asking Julien about what he senses energetically from the "star people" and about things going on here on earth.  Julien is described as someone who can read the energy of situations and who has some ability to know what is going on with the "off earth" beings.

I was somewhat cautiously curious about Julien as he had only been referred to in the shows I'd heard.  I usually take the energy readers, channels and mediums with a grain of salt, not because I don't believe in those powers, I do believe in those powers.  My hesitation is because this is an ideal place for PTW to drop missinformation - who can challenge it?

Anyway, I listened to the whole recording and I was impressed by Julien.  He seems, to me, to be genuine; he is careful to be as accurate as he can be; he's not afraid to say he doesn't know, and I don't sense an ego issue.  The content is very interesting.

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